Stop looking for it and it will find you

At some point in life, mostly when hitting rock bottom, we all want to know what our purpose in life is. What your specific purpose is. And how you can find it. There are several theories on this. Often I've heard people say that you must follow your heart. Though my experience is a bit different...

Most people live a life controlled by their mind, which makes them a slave of their ego – the ambassador of our fears. The oppressed heart can't fully express what it beats for and as a result, it aches. The soul stays abandoned completely, which cuts you off from all wisdom.

For me it's been the contrary. My heartbeat has always been far too strong to be ignored. I've been following my heart throughout my life. Still, in irregular intervals my mind and its fears popped up, questioning what I did. I've been raised in a very conservative surrounding, which occasionally threw its shadow onto my free spirit.

Eventually, a period in my life arrived where I questioned everything I had been brought up with. Second-hand answers were no longer valid. I had to find my own answers. It didn't take long and I was introduced to meditation, which became a daily companion. The truth is that I had been living 'out of my mind' most of my life and the only times that troubled me were the ones where I falsely believed that I shouldn't be that way. That I should listen to my mind more. That I should be sensible.

Being out of your mind is not insane but the only sane way to BE. It was in deep meditation that I received my life's purpose in form of a vision. This vision was so strong that it hasn't left me ever since. It was nothing that I could have ever pictured myself or been able to dream up. And at the same time it brought me such tranquility.

When, in the past my heart longed for something, it was pure passion. It was a burning fire, with its flames dancing wildly. But my purpose had risen from a much deeper place, the soul. The soul lives beyond all this. The soul resides like a calm and peaceful river. It's not driven by passion. It doesn't hurt when it’s abandoned. It quietly lingers within and around us with all its patience, holding on to life's wisdom. It knows that the moment will arrive when you'll tap into it. When you'll reconnect with the Divine source that you really are. The soul is no tiny, invisible thing within us. The soul is infinite. It's everywhere. It's immortal. It's the physical body that's temporary. The mind that practices limitation in its thinking. But the soul is. And the soul knows.

Your soul is the keeper of all wisdom, including your life purpose. Every one of us is on a mission. No one is here by coincidence. Having a mission does not mean that everyone's calling is to be a Mother Teresa or a Mahatma Gandhi. Really, the Universe does not differentiate big or small as we do. Every single life has a purpose. Every single life is precious. Every single life is equally worthy.

Through meditation, we step out of the mind and into the soul. It's in the silence when all wisdom arises and every question is answered. Even those not yet asked. So don't let your thirst for knowledge drown this inner wisdom.

When you stop searching in the outside world, and when you sit in silence, that's when you're presented your purpose. Life will bring it to you, when the time is right. Or better said, when you've arrived, when you're ready, when you've replaced hope with faith. Hope is for beggars that won't ever grow riches. Faith is for those who see miracles because they trust blindly.

What we must learn is to align our mind, heart, and soul so they can work hand in hand; harmoniously. Don't let your mind dictate your life. It's not as smart as you believed it to be. Kick it off the master's throne and make it your loyal servant. Let it rest by switching it off. Tune into your heart and assign it to be your decision maker. Use it as your Divine compass. If it hurts, change course. If it sings, keep heading that way. Follow your intuition, not questioning it for even one second. Make it a daily practice to spend time in silence. Let your soul's wisdom arise. Listen to that wisdom. Then let your mind rise again and serve this wisdom.

Have the courage to take the journey from the outside in so you can live from the inside out. I promise, your life will blossom.

Meditation takes practice. It's like going to the gym. Your muscles won't pop up like Popeye’s do when chomping down a tin of spinach. It takes time, discipline, and patience. Meditation is no different. In the beginning you might find it hard to escape your mind's chattiness. Don't fight it. Whatever you fight persists. Your thoughts aren't your enemy. They're just an unconscious habit that has to be transformed. Transformation is the result of love, not a punching fist. Just hang in there. Start with a few minutes daily. It doesn't matter how short or long your moments of silence are in the beginning. What matters is that you start somewhere. You will find that the more you do this, the easier it will get and the more peace will enter your life.

See meditation as a rendezvous with your true self. The better you get to know your true self, the clearer your path becomes. And eventually your life's purpose will greet you. That may be in meditation. That may be in a conversation. That may be in nature. That may be at a party. That may be anywhere. It may arrive with a big bang. It may silently tip-toe into your life. Remember just one thing: Don't look for it. Trust that it will find you.