Truth or myth?

How often do we shrug our shoulders and say, "Well, you can't choose family" when a relative annoys or embarrasses us once again. But that's a misconception. You can choose your family. In fact, you do choose your family; every single member of it. You just don't remember.

You did it on ‘the other side,’ as we call it. And you not only chose your family, friends, and other people you meet along your journey. You also chose all of the different lessons you wanted to learn. You might not like your choices once you reincarnate on earth, as you forget their purpose. But you are responsible for it all.

Every single life on earth has been carefully prepared by us, together with our guides and soul families, aka the entire crazy bunch we are going to reunite with on earth. Some souls we reunite with for only a short moment. Some will be there a lot longer. And others will stay at our side for a lifetime. Everyone is there for a reason. And just because some souls are present in our lives for a longer period of time than others, does not make anyone more or less important. Every person we meet along our journey is a teacher in disguise. Every situation we face holds a hidden lesson.

When traveling into past lives of mine, I realized how our relationship status kept changing according to the lesson it was to fulfill. It's like a theatrical play in which all parts are assigned to whoever is most suited for the role. For example, although an ex-boyfriend of mine has been my lover in several lifetimes, he has also been my father, and even my fierce enemy at some point.

Imagine the preparations for your next incarnation like grocery shopping. When you go to the supermarket to do your weekly shopping, you have certain things in mind that you want to prepare later at home and over the next couple of days. So you put everything you need into your shopping basket: some basics, your favorite snacks, and other bits and pieces. You might even like to try a new recipe, so you add something to your list that you are unfamiliar with.

At home you store everything in your kitchen. Now it's your choice, what you want to eat when. You probably had certain meals for certain days in mind, but hey... life is full of surprises. An unexpected invitation may come up, so what you wanted to eat in front of the TV tonight, might stay in the fridge a little longer... Some food will make you happy and you can't get enough of it. Other food will make you sick and throw you off track for a while. Some is sour, some is sweet. Some is easily digestible and some is tough to chew. Some food will go past the use by date, so you'll throw it away without using it at all. Just because something made it into your shopping basket, does not mean that you will eat it.

Life is the same. You've chosen all the ingredients for it well in advance. Which ones you'll make use of once here is your choice. There are several paths available for you. But know one thing: every situation you face and every person you meet has once been chosen by you. And wherever you are at this very moment is what you have attracted to occur. It's your creation.

While on the other side, you choose your personal lessons and according to your lessons, you make arrangements with certain souls that will help you with those lessons. While on earth, you then attract the according souls into your life, depending on actions you take and decisions you make along your journey. Not everything you prepared will occur. So logically, you won't meet with every single soul you've made arrangements with. Got it?

No matter what you've prepared, once down here on earth, you've got absolute free will. Nobody can interfere in your path. Your guides and angels are with you 24/7. They send you signs for you to remember. But whether you follow those signs or ignore them altogether is up to you.

The beauty of it is that you can't go wrong. There are dozens of options and every path you decide to walk on eventually leads to the same place - LOVE, your inner light. Some routes take longer than others. Some challenge you with more hurdles. But there's no hurry. It's your journey and you set the pace.

It's just life. Don't take it too seriously. Especially, don't take yourself too seriously. And no matter whom you're facing issues with, remember that you've chosen this person yourself. Underneath its surface, a beautiful soul is hiding. A soul you once made an arrangement with.

Those who teach us our greatest lessons are the souls that love us the most. For only those souls are capable of such a great sacrifice for us.

Trust that you've chosen more than enough ingredients for a happy life. If you don't like your current creation, change your recipe.