Being trapped in Wonderland

Going not too far back in time, friends oftentimes referred to me as that girl from 'Legally Blonde' - Elle Woods alias Reese Witherspoon. Just to give you a random idea of the two extremes that were clashing when I first entered a yoga studio in the spring of 2010. A girl in five-inch heels, busy growing her new business that designed and manufactured dog apparel and accessories versus the traditional hard core yogi; barefooted and long haired, dressed in baggy cotton pants and mala beats.

Needless to say that yoga hadn't been my idea. No, my best friend can be a pain in the bum, so I eventually gave in when she kept insisting that I'd join her for class one day. And right then and there, during my very first yoga class, it happened: a spiritual emergency was triggered. Involuntarily, I fell a little too far down the rabbit hole. And I got trapped there.

Suddenly, an overload of extreme psychic abilities was activated within me, that I didn't know how to handle. Here I was, helplessly exposed to the greater truth to life, without any warning or preparation, leaving me absolutely terrified.

From seemingly out of nowhere, I heard mysterious voices talking to me, guiding my way and delivering information about life and our existence... [Read more]

What you really find when traveling back in time

Again and again, I hear people say how curious they are about their past lives. They want to find out who they were. Which part of the world they lived in, what profession they had. Were they rich or poor, male or female. They want to learn about their previous identities. But the identity that seems to play such a big role in our lives down here on earth is, in my experience, the least important factor.

What I learned is that by remembering past lives, we do not remember who we are, but we awaken to who and what we are not. What we are is simple. We mustn’t travel into past lives to find out, as our essence never changes, no matter how many times we have reincarnated on Mother Earth. The sole core of every single soul is and always will be love; love being light in its purest form. That won’t ever change. That can’t ever be taken from us. That is who we are. Even the core of Jack the Ripper is love. Just like the core of Mother Teresa is love. Or the core of Adolf Hitler. Or Nelson Mandela. Irrelevant of the identity we take on down here on earth, our core remains. But what we find in our various past lives are the many layers of darkness that are clustered around our core. Layers that prevent us from shining our true light.

When traveling into past lives, we travel into those lives that have influenced us the most. And in those lives, we again travel to the exact events that had and have the greatest impact on us. To the events where the seeds of our various fears were planted. You may have been a recognized scientist who won some prestigious award for life-changing discoveries. Or a Grammy winning musician. And you might not even find out about that in your past life visions. Why? Because it doesn’t matter. What matters and what you will re-live are your deepest fears. From my personal experience, traveling into past lives is everything but fun and fancy. It is painful and heartrending, but at the same time liberating. Little by little, you will be confronted with your greatest fears and your worst nightmares. But what you will find – eventually – is priceless. You will find freedom. Freedom from identifying yourself with those fears any longer, as you now know their origin. You will understand that you are not your fears. You are not your pain. And you will be able to let go of them. One after the other.

When the award winning scientist returns to earth for his next incarnation, his life-changing discoveries might have been taken to the next level by the scientists that followed. His discoveries might have led to a disease curing pill that saves our species. But this scientist is no longer in charge of it. He was purely a tool of the Universe; a deliverer. What the scientist does bring along to his next incarnation though, is his personal luggage; his fears. Same goes for the talented musician, who will have to leave the Grammy behind, when casting off her body one day. Her songs will still be playing on the radio when she returns, but the copyright and royalties are no longer hers. Again, she was purely a tool of the Universe; a messenger. What is hers and what will travel on with her are the emotional burdens that were the fuel for her music; whatever that was. An abusive childhood, a heartbreaking love-affair, political movement, or other worldly matters or personal suffering...

For a good reason, psychologists search for the roots of their patient's problems in their early childhood days. They are aiming in the right direction, only they, in many cases, do not go far enough, as they interpret the patient's entry into his or her current life, the birth, as the beginning which it is not. Our many incarnations are not separate from each other. Death does not divide them into multiple lifetimes. Our coat, the body and the persona's identification, are different ones. But the soul is one. And it remembers it all. So, what the psychologist discovers in the sessions with his or her patient, are often what I call trigger situations.

Nothing in life happens by chance. Neither is your existence a coincidence. You have planned and organized it all together with your guides and soul families on the other side. You have come here with a purpose. A purpose that has been chosen by you. According to this purpose, you decided on the family and the circumstances you were born into, people you meet along your journey, the lessons to learn, and the fears to overcome. And you may have arranged for certain trigger situations to occur that will lead you onto your path.

So, the scientist believes that he started fighting disease because his mother lost her battle to it and he had to grow up without a loving mother by his side. And on the smaller picture that is correct. But on the bigger picture, he and his mother might have chosen this exact heartbreaking event to occur, so it would trigger the urge in him to study science and find a cure. There are always two sides to portrait things from - the smaller picture and the bigger picture. Often, things don't make sense and seem unfair or wrong when viewed from down here on earth. But when viewed from above, it makes perfect sense, as the Universal picture is completing itself to perfection. You are not separate from the world. You are a part of the whole.

So, keep following your heart; your Divine compass. It will lead you the right way. Don't ignore your passions, desires, interests, or fears. They are all here for a reason. You brought them along in your luggage. A luggage you have been packing and carrying over many lifetimes. By granting them attention, you slowly begin to unpack. That way your journey gets lighter and lighter. And the real you, love, begins to shine.